Morskie Oko is one of the prettiest lakes in the Tatra Mountain Range. The scenic beauty of the lake itself and surrounding areas truly justifies it as one of the most popular tourist destinations around Zakopane. The easy access to the lake and moderate 2 hour hike also allows young or less experienced hikers to take in some of the amazing mountain views.

At the lake there is a mountain shelter which serves food and beverages and has outside seating in the summer, with great views of the Lake. There is a route around the lake which takes about an hour and adding another 30min there is also the option of climbing up the other side of the lake to The Black Lake.

How to get there

The best way to reach Morkie Oko is to take one of the frequent mini busses. The busses leave from the main bus station in Zakopane. The busses also do some pick ups on the road towards Kuznice and further along but can be packed in the summer. The bus journey there takes about 30min and heads towards the Slovak border at Łysa Polana and the parking at Palenica Białczańska. The bus turns off into designated parking just before the border from where you will see the entrance to the Tatra National Park, here you’ll have to pay 7zł entrance fee to start your hike.

Follow the red marked route to Morksie Oko for 2 hrs to reach the Lake, the hike is a gradual uphill walk on a paved road. There are some horse carriages which takes visitors almost all the way for around 40zł per person going up and 30zł per person coming down. Walking this route should however not be a problem and is definitely recommended for everyone. 

There are some other green marked routes from here toward the 5 Lake Valley and around towards Morskie Oko, these are much harder and can take much longer but very rewarding as is the routes will be less crowed. For more info on the routes check our hiking map or contact us for questions.

 Useful Information

  • Hiking to Morskie Oko takes 2 hrs up and slightly less time down.
  • Buses from Zakopane cost around 15zł.
  • This route gets very busy in the summer months, be sure to head off early to avoid the crowds or visit the lake in spring or autumn.
  • Plan your time so that you will reach the lake no later than 2pm.
  • If you are an experienced mountain hiker, why not include Rysy (the highest of the Tatra peaks) in your hike. Catch an early bus to Slovakia, hike to Rysy and return on the Polish side to see the Black Lake and Morskie Oko on your way down.  



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